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I. Just below Exit 112 is the Marker for the Old Spanish Trail from SantaFe, New Mexico to Los Angeles.
2. This little GREEN spot & rock work was a Motel called Riverside from 1929 to 1950.
3. Turn hard right after crossing the Virgin River.
4. Big modern Barn on your right is used to raise thoroughbred Morgan horses.
5 Palm trees - called Strawberry Ranch This ranch was a well-maintained hide-a-way for people who wanted to get away from the city. Generally people with mucho denerro!!
6. Look at the Lake. This is the upper Overton arm of the Lake. Shortly you will see a road going to the Lake. This was the old Highway from 1915 to 1929 going from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City. On your left are two famous old mines known as Keywest, and Great Eastern Mines. They produced minerals of gold, silver, platinum, copper, and lead, as well as other minerals hard to separate in milling.
7. The red stone here is known as Whitney Pockets. Please proceed straight ahead.
8. Devils Throat sign. PROCEED PAST IT. This area is a large cavity in the desert caused by an under-ground stream forming a cave, and the weight of the ground above it caved it in. The sparkling crystals are gypsum formed by an ancient shallow sea.
9. At the "Y" junction, we will go toward Gold Butte Mines  (Lavoid Leavitt)

                                  GPS DATA:  36' 16.815   114'  11.982

Gold Butte, Nevada:  Once an active area  of 1500 to 2,000 people, homes and activities.  It was a tent mining camp with few permanent building.
  The study below was conducted by Stephen Jeppson - St. George using a el-Tracker (element detector like in the periodic tables of elements) for sensing Carbon and Calcium to detecting where bodies have been buried.  The graves inside the fenced in area are two normal sized people.  However, just outside are one grave of a short person and one grave of a very tall person.  This would match the pictures of Coleman and Garrett and that  Coleman was a short person and that Garrett was tall.  It is possible that when they fenced in the area and placed the head stones, that they picked the wrong graves.
Dixie College ICL Group Coleman Headstone Garrett Headstone  
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31 Mar 2006