BIOGRAPHY of William Fawcett

William Fawcett was the son of George and Mary Spink Fawcett bone in Malton Yorkshire England, December 13, 1814. Lived with his parents in Malton until he was 12 years of age, then they moved to the City of York. He went to school until he was 14 years old, when he left his father*s house and worked in different occupations in York until he was 21 years old He then moved to Bradford in Yorkshire and in August 1836.

He married Jane Corner Smith and the same day moved back to the City of York He was the first man baptized in the city of York by Thomas Bateman, a Priest who had received the gospel in New Castle England. He and his wife, Jane left England on the 17th of January 1843 in the ship Swanton, and landed in Nauvoo, April 12th 1843 in good health and without a cent. They had two sons, one of which died in Nauvoo.

William and his wife received their endowments in the Temple at Nauvoo and left there in April 1846. They arrived in Salt Lake City in the fall of 1851 and in 1853 was appointed a school trustee and helped to build the first school house in the 6th ward They also built them a home in the 6th Ward Salt Lake City, in 1861.

In October 1861 he was called as a missionary to Southern Utah. He sold out his property and started on the 29th of October 1861 for Dixie. They arrived and camped near where Dixie College now is on the 25th November 1861. He worked on the Temple and Tabernacle. He was a Bishop’s first Counselor for 28 years. He was a school trustee for 28 years. He was a Patriarch and a work hand in the Temple for a good many years. He died January 12, 1904 in Provo, Utah

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