Mt Trumbull  One Room Schoolhouse

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GPS DATA:  Mt. Trumbull Schoolhouse 36' 44.886N  113' 19.536W  Altitude 5337 ft 61.1 Miles
Driving Instructions

In St. George, head South on River Road and turn South and drive pass the Block Plant (Start road miles) to the Arizona State Line (36" 59.974N  113" 34.322W) and continue south.  Turn South at the Seegmiller Mountain Junction (36' 49.604N 113' 33.668 W 25 Miles). Stay on main road to the Black Rock Junction  (36' 44.886N  113' 32.812W 31.6 Miles).  Do not turn, but continue to head South to the Mt. Trumbull Schoolhouse

On this site was located the historic Mt. Trumbull (Bundyville) one room schoolhouse. The school house was first restored in 1994 with funds donated by those who lived here and their descendants. Unfortunately, it was burned down by vandals in July of 2001. It was rebuilt again by donations of those former residents and their descendants. Electric wiring was also added which can provide power in case of a night function so that they could use a generator for power.

Mt Trumbull School

Inhabitants began arriving in this remote area in about 1917 with dreams of starting their own ranch. The settlers name this Mt. Trumbull after the name of a near by mountain. Each Homesteader received 640 acres of land for raising live stock. Residences grew corn, beans, wheat, squash and other crops for the table and to sell at market. Travel to and from town was by horse and wagon until the early 20's.

Mt. Trumbull and the surrounding area grew slowly to a peek population of 200 - 250 in the 1930's. Beginning soon after a change in the climate made dry land farming more and more difficult. Most residence changed to raising sheep or cattle after passage of the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934. Gradually people moved out of Mt. Trumbull. The last full time resident left in 1984.

Townspeople completed the Mt. Trumbull school in 1922. This is the second school at this location. The first quickly became too small, and was moved to make room for this building.

Lumber for the school was cut and dragged by horse drawn wagon down the old slide road.

The road was so steep that workers had to tie down the wagon wheels and skid it down the incline.

In addition to education, the building acted as town hall, church and dance hall. People would come from miles around to attend the dances. Music by local musicians playing whatever instruments were available at the time throughout the valley.

The many students the schooling they received here was their only education. The school bell rang for the last time in 1968 when the number of pupils became too few to keep a teacher.

The Mt. Trumbull school steering committee provides for the protection, restoration, and interruption of the historic school house.

Members of the committee also provide valuable historic information on the Mt. Trumbull area.

Appreciation is expressed to the Bundy Family for their generous donation of this property.


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