Charles Walker, Poet laureate

1.Oh, what an awful place this was
when first the Mormons found it.
They said no white man could live here
and Indians prowl’d around it.

They said the land it was no good.
The water was no gooder.
The bare idea of living here
was enough to make men shudder.

2.  Now green Lucerne in verdant spots
Redeems our thriving city.
While vines and fruit-trees grace our lots
 with flowers sweet and pretty.

Where once the grass in single blades
 grew a mile apart in distance.
It kept the crickets on the hop
to pick up their subsistence.

3. The sun it is so scorching hot
it makes the water sizz, sir,
The reason that it is so hot is
just because it is, sir.

The wind with fury here doth blow,
that when we plant or sow, sir.
We place one foot upon the seeds
and hold them till they grow sir.


Mesquite, soap-root, prickly pear and briars.
St. George ere long will be a place
that everyone admires.

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